Woodlawn School MS Girls Basketball vs St. Mark (2)

February 4: Woodlawn vs. St. Mark This WPAA conference semi-final game was a tough one, but the girls played great defense and made some great shots. Zoe had four points in the game; Carmen, Kate and Gabby each added two; and Natalie Boyle made her shot and a free-throw to end with 3 points. The […]

Woodlawn School MS Girls Basketball – at Statesville

January 26: Woodlawn at Statesville What a game! Statesville played tough but the Blazers fought back with great sportsmanship and awesome defense. Gabrielle scored a blazing 16 points, while Zoe sank six, Gabby made three and Natalie scored two. The girls had fun as a team, never gave up, and won 27-25.

Woodlawn School MS Girls Basketball – at St. Mark

January 19: Woodlawn at St. Mark The Middle School girls played a high intensity game against an older — all eighth grade — St Mark team, playing strong defense against girls that were twice their size. Big cheers for Carmen, who scored her first three-point shot of the season, for a total of five points […]

Woodlawn School MS Girls Basketball – vs. St. Stephens

December 15: Woodlawn vs St. Stephens The girls played a tough game against St. Stephens, with an especially solid second half featuring great defense by all the girls. Natalie stood strong defending their best player. Team scorers were Gabby and Natalie. The final score was 11-40, in St. Stephen’s favor.

Woodlawn School MS Girls Basketball – vs. St. Mark

December 10: Woodlawn vs St. Mark The girls played a game of great defense against the eighth-grade girls from St. Mark. Madison earned well-deserved applause when she took a great rebound and went right back up for basket. Laura and Jessie each scored. Gabby got fouled attempting a layup, and made both of her free […]