To ensure the safety of all students on campus, students who drive their own vehicles as transport to and from school are requested to read carefully these guidelines and follow them at all times. Parents or guardians must sign and return the Student Driver Vehicle Registration Form on the first day of school for students who are already driving, or whenever the student begins driving to and from school. All students who drive to school or who ride to school with a student driver must have permission to do so from their parents or legal guardian. Driving to school is a privilege that can be suspended or revoked by the school. The student is to have read the guidelines below and agree to abide by the conditions stated.

The student driver must hold a current driver’s license.
Students are not permitted to go to their vehicles during school hours for any reason unless a teacher or administrator has granted permission.
Students will not be permitted to leave the school grounds in their vehicle during school hours, unless permission is granted from administration. A student may be given permission by administration to leave school for a sporting event that requires early dismissal.
Student drivers are expected to be at school on time. Repeated tardiness will result in loss of driving privileges.
Student driver/parent assumes all responsibility for occupants in his/her vehicle.
Students who drive irresponsibly or who disregard the wishes of the school will be disallowed from driving to school.