Things That Go Unnoticed

It seems that we notice so many things in the course of a day. School happenings, local news, national news, and international news all are in our awareness every day by some source. We notice these things and they get our attention.

What goes unnoticed? Or at least no one comments on some things that are very important in the life of Woodlawn School. Below is a very small list of important things that might be overlooked.

And I could go on and on, but I would still miss someone who does something just because it needs doing and not for praise, money, or glory.

These students, parents, teacher, and administrators are the folks that make things happen now and will continue to do so because they care.

Woodlawn seems to me to be a community that needs all its members to be active and to play various roles, some noticed and many not noticed. The mark of a good community is that it is interested in becoming a better community, and Woodlawn is a community that seems to get it.

It is great for me to come to work every day to a group of people who want to preserve those values that have stood our country well for so many years and who push the community to better itself on a continual basis.

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