2018 Season Recap

After a season of ups and downs, everyone who’s a part of our community can agree that our players became excellent teammates, athletes, and cheerleaders. The girls were resilient and put up the best fight they could on the court. The season started with six players out of a team of eleven who were new to the sport of volleyball. Our team came to practice each day with a willingness to improve both their fundamental skills and their game strategy. With more than half of our team being beginners, the returning players stepped up to the plate to be strong leaders. They helped lead drills, rally their teammates, and brought a positive energy to every practice/game. Because of the hard work of both returners and beginners in practice, the team played to the best of their abilities in games. The team transitioned from passing the ball over with one touch to three controlled passes, sets, and hits. With their competitive game play, the team earned two wins and a few sets against formidable opponents, like Statesville Christian. The team never gave up and fought for every ball while on the court. Overall, the Woodlawn MS volleyball team learned lots about the sport, each other, and how to be a fantastic and enthusiastic teammate.

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