Attendance of all classes is mandatory at Woodlawn and students should attempt to minimize absences throughout the school year. All students are expected to be in their classrooms by 8:15am. Students not present at 8:15am will be marked absent. Students who arrive to campus after 8:15am must report Stinson Hall to be signed in by a parent, in which case the student absence will be changed to a “tardy” notice. Students must not be dropped off outside of the school after classes have begun.

Students leaving campus before 3:15pm must report to Stinson Hall to be signed out.

Any student arriving after 12:00 noon or checking out before 11:00am will be counted as absent for the day. Students must be in class four hours during the day to receive credit for a full day and to be able to participate in any extracurricular activities.

If a student is tardy and/or signed-out early more than 5 times per trimester, the family will be contacted by the Head of School. If a student is absent more than 15 times per year, the family will be contacted by the Head of School.

Please keep in mind that we regard attendance records as critical to the student’s academic standing. Absences and partial absences are recorded on the student’s report card and/or transcript.