We strive to make drop off and pick up a smooth and safe transition for everyone. There are two drop off areas on campus, the car loop near Stinson Hall and the driveway by Woods Hall. All K-7 students should be dropped off near Stinson Hall. Students in grades 8-12 can be dropped off at Woods Hall. For drop off in the mornings, students should not be on campus earlier than 7:45am unless they have made prior arrangements with a teacher.
For pick up, we have three car line locations: Stinson car loop, Stinson gravel lot, and Woods Hall. Students in grades 2-5 should use the Stinson car loop for pick up. Students in grades 6 & 7 should use the Stinson gravel lot for pick up. 8th graders can be picked up at Woods Hall. For pick up of students in multiple grade levels, we ask that our older students report to the car line of the youngest child in the car for grades 2-12.