Silver and Gold

Each fall we celebrate with our junior class as they prepare to receive their class rings. A full breakfast on the patio around the fire pit precedes the “turning of the rings” ceremony. One twist to the left, is how it goes, to represent good fortune for the future. Classmates join in on the celebration with a now student favorite — the ring pop!


The Ring Breakfast is exciting for the juniors because the class rings we receive are tailored to our tastes and experiences. For me, I had a track cleat and a soccer ball on my ring because when I look back on my years at Woodlawn, I have come to realize that my best memories have come from my time on the trails and my wonderful experiences with the soccer team that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The Ring Breakfast gives juniors the time to look back on all that they have accomplished at Woodlawn and reminds us to embrace the small community we have and the unity it brings.

Taylor Scott ’16