Another Successful Annual Fund Campaign — All Thanks to You!

Dear Woodlawn Families and Friends,

Before we talk about the wrap-up of last year’s annual fund, please allow me to take a moment to quickly introduce myself. I’m Albert Perkins, and my official title is Director of External Affairs. What this means is that you’ll probably be seeing me a lot around campus! I’ll also be leading the charge on advancement, which includes things like annual and capital giving. There’s plenty of time to get to know me and what I’ll be doing this year, and so I’ll spare you the details on my background and get right to some very exciting news.

You may recall Woodlawn set a lofty goal to raise $180,000 in annual giving for the 2015-16 school year. Your generosity not only helped meet that goal, but it exceeded the targeted amount by $19,895!

As a nonprofit institution, this type of support is important to delivering the kind of hands-on, project-based education our Woodlawn families value most. In the 2015-16 school year we had 175 annual fund donors with faculty participation at 100%! These collective efforts make possible things like financial aid, professional development, and technology for our classrooms (printers, digital cameras, and iPads).

Being new to Woodlawn I’m learning fast what’s so special about what takes place here. If you’ve watched our Kindergarten graduates march through the quad to high-fives from every single teacher and student on campus, if you’ve cheered on our state champion cross country teams, or if you’ve laughed along side teachers and students at the annual Senior Night, you likely have good reason to support Woodlawn.

And so it is with great appreciation from myself, the Board and Trustees, and our Head of School and Administrative Team when we say thank you for making Woodlawn a philanthropic priority! Your contributions are not only appreciated but essential to the continued growth of our school. I would also like to extend a personal note of thanks to our 2015-16 annual fund parent leadership team: Colleen and Hampton Hager and Kary and Rush Watson. Volunteerism remains key in creating a strong sense of community and we are grateful for their time and generosity.

Here’s how the donor breakdown looks for our annual fund giving (including the $33,000 raised from the silent auction):

Please stop by the next time you’re in Stinson and introduce yourself. I’d love the chance to meet you.

With gratitude,

Albert Perkins
Director of External Affairs

Your annual fund parent leadership team

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