About the Annual Fund

The Woodlawn Annual Fund is a critical element of support at Woodlawn School that allows us to be flexible and responsive with regard to current year expenses. While tuition income is carefully budgeted to meet the anticipated needs of the upcoming year – teacher and staff salaries, classroom supplies, athletic competition, campus maintenance, financial aid, and so forth – it covers about 82.6% of our expenses. The remainder is covered by additional income, primarily gifts from generous donors like you who are committed to the Woodlawn experience.

Maybe you give in celebration of your student’s success at Woodlawn. Maybe you give to show your support for the learning experiences your child has enjoyed here, or to help make Woodlawn affordable for other talented students. Or maybe you give so that Woodlawn can continue to look outward as we aim to serve an even larger student population in the future. No matter why you give, your generosity has a huge impact on our students, today and tomorrow. Thank you for supporting the Woodlawn Annual Fund.

But Wait, There’s More…

Your gift to the Woodlawn Annual Fund can help us attract support from outside organizations!
When we approach corporations, foundations and other friends of Woodlawn for gifts, they ask us about the voluntary support provided by Woodlawn’s own community before deciding how and whether to support our school. They want to know that our own families support our work. A high participation rate from Woodlawn’s community is critical to receiving external funding, so every gift makes a difference.

Your gift should be comfortable for you.
We ask only that our families and friends support Woodlawn’s academic excellence at a level that demonstrates their pride in being part of the Woodlawn community. The strength of the Woodlawn Annual Fund comes from collective giving: one donor’s gift of $100, together with another’s gift of $1,000, and still another’s of $10,000, has an incredible impact on the Woodlawn student experience. Gifts of all sizes will be appreciatively received, used to improve our learning environment, and acknowledged in our annual report.

The Woodlawn Annual Fund welcomes gifts between July 1 and June 30 of each academic year. For more information, contact Albert Perkins, Director of External Affairs, at [email protected] or 704.895.8653.

To make a gift, click here.

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