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  • Kathleen Elkins ’10, Williams College ’14, Reporter at CNBC, Los Angeles

    Why I Give

    While I didn’t fully realize it as a high schooler, Woodlawn was teaching me so much more than how to solve for “x” and analyze Dickinson: Woodlawn taught me how to treat and better serve my community, how to speak up and find my voice, and perhaps most impactful to me, how to be comfortable in my own skin…I give to Woodlawn because it shaped who I am today: a confident woman living independently in Los Angeles and pursuing a career I feel passionately about.

The ‘Blazers Fund is essential to keeping Woodlawn School excellent and innovative. The ‘Blazers Fund is the number one priority of Woodlawn School. These unrestricted funds raised help sustain educational excellence for our students. Gifts to the ‘Blazers Fund enhance every aspect of Woodlawn School including investments in innovative teaching that is the hallmark of project-based learning; improving the technology infrastructure of our campus, enhancing student safety, health and wellness; and, providing professional develop opportunities that nurture and support the best faculty.

Every dollar makes a difference. Every child benefits.

‘Blazers Fund benefits every Woodlawn student and faculty member through:

Woodlawn School 2002 Giving Society

The 2002 Society is established in the spirit of the founding family’s commitment to Woodlawn and recognized donors who give $2,002 or more to the school in the current fiscal year.

Loyal ‘Blazers

Recognizes donors who have given consecutively for five years or more.

The Woodlawn ‘Blazers Fund welcomes gifts between July 1 and June 30 of each academic year.

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