The Value of Senior Capstone

The Value of Senior Capstone Projects Twenty-five years ago at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School a class of seniors graduated with normal Carnegie units but also had to successfully complete an exhibition of mastery of a topic to finish their high school program. In the course of many years I have noticed that Heathwood graduates often […]

Sparkles and Red Shoes

Sparkles and Red Shoes Seldom in my long career as an administrator have I been called upon to address the behavior of 5 year old, but the week before spring break it happened. I was asked to talk to a 5 year old girl about her taking too long to get ready for school in […]

Unexpected Value

Unexpected Value A report on Woodlawn Basketball for the 2015-2016 season might be misunderstood if looked at in the usual win and loss manner, but that is not the Woodlawn Way of looking at things, thankfully. Winning eluded the girls and the boys won one of their games, but it is the moments, the improvement […]

The Woodlawn Difference: Part Two

The Woodlawn Difference: Part Two I frequently am asked how Woodlawn differs from other schools, and feel compelled to share how the “Woodlawn program” has been carefully designed to provide a powerful alternative to other educational opportunities — public and private — in the Lake Norman area. At any school, decisions are made regarding what […]

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks With all of the trouble in the world today, we pause during this holiday season to give thanks for all that is good in the lives we are living. Here at the end of a long career I am thankful to be serving in a school that is so focused on learning in […]

The Woodlawn Difference

The Woodlawn Difference – Part One The mission of Woodlawn School is to produce independent, lifelong learners who are responsible, contributing members of a diverse, global society. I am going to write a series of blogs to support the concept of Woodlawn School being an unique independent school doing unique things. I am responding to […]

Humble Excellence

Humble Excellence: The Hallmark of Woodlawn The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is designed to assess high school students’ academic readiness for college. Since its inception in 1926, the SAT has gone through many adaptations in presentation and theories of use. For a long time it was heavily relied-upon by major academic institutions in the admission […]

Two Schools of Thought

Two Schools of Thought For the past several hundred years, the biggest question in the field of education has been “should students focus on memory work and content or on learning to think critically?” As a matter of fact people in search of certainty tend to focus the discussion completely in one direction or the […]

A Change in the Flow of History

A Change in the Flow of History So far the Summer of 2015 has been very eventful. First we were shaken to our very basic beings by the murder of nine worshiping Christians in the Emanuel AME church in Charleston, my permanent home, and then we witnessed the most grace-filled act that I have ever […]

Things That Go Unnoticed

Things That Go Unnoticed It seems that we notice so many things in the course of a day. School happenings, local news, national news, and international news all are in our awareness every day by some source. We notice these things and they get our attention. What goes unnoticed? Or at least no one comments […]