Woodlawn is a place of active learning, and being outside is an important part of the Woodlawn experience. Woodlawn’s 61-acre wooded campus provides a unique, almost pastoral atmosphere that enhances students’ learning experiences. Our students enjoy outdoor activities every day. Students should dress appropriately for the weather, including athletic shoes, and keep a small umbrella in their locker or cubby for rainy days.

We believe in natural play and Woodlawn students enjoy the benefits of a natural playground. Play structures built out of Robinia wood, a tree house, and the Nature Club are a few key elements that make Woodlawn’s natural playground a favorite spot to imagine, create, and climb!

The playground engages the children’s imagination and creativity. Reminds me of play when I was a child. I see the children building forts, making pathways, and achieving a high level of pretend play.

Shannon Blakely, Lower School Parent