Homework is part of the learning process, helping to teach self-discipline, responsibility, and time management. It also helps to reinforce and prepare students for what they are learning in the classroom.

We hope parents take an interest in what their child is learning in school – not providing answers, but instead acting as a guide and resource as students search for the answers. The student ultimately is responsible for his or her work, and must be able to understand and support their answers. We expect all work to be authentic, in accordance with the Honor Code.

Woodlawn faculty members work together as a team to ensure that multiple assignments or projects are not due at the same time. However, we expect students to manage their time in order to turn in each assignment when due.

The workload may ebb and flow during the trimester, but no student should spend several hours on any one subject. If you find your child is struggling with homework, please contact the teacher to discuss strategies to help the student better manage their workload.