Morning drop-off for all students begins at 7:45am. We want to keep all students safe and there are no adults on campus before 7:45am, so please do not drop students off before that time. School begins at 8:15am for K-12 and at 8:30am for our Explorers PK.

In general, we recommend that students arrive by 8:00am so they have plenty of time to prepare and greet friends, and are ready to begin their school day at 8:15am (K-12). Should you arrive after 8:15am (K-12) or 8:30 am (PreK) your student will need a tardy slip to give to their teacher. Please park your car and walk your student into Stinson Hall to check in.

Lower School (Grades PreK-5) – Morning drop-off occurs at Stinson Hall
Middle School (Grades 6-8) and Upper School (Grades 9-12) – Morning drop-off occurs at Woods Hall.

*Please note, if you have siblings, you are welcome to use one carline only. Typically the older child will use Stinson Hall carline along with the younger sibling.