Published March, 2014

Hi! My name is Clare MacDonald, and I’m a junior at Woodlawn School. Honestly, when I read those words, “I’m a junior,” it’s a little daunting. I’ve been at this school since 5th grade; my formative years of middle school have quickly passed me by in a creative, energetic blur, and already being in the heat of high school seems impossible. Though college applications are on the horizon, my stress immediately dissipates upon walking in the door of Woods Hall, because any other environment would be unimaginable.

We’re more than just your average school. We’re a vibrant, diverse community that supports each other’s various strengths and weaknesses. For example, one of my good friends is a talented visual artist, while another is a Division 1 soccer recruit. Woodlawn adapts to the individual and gives them the materials to succeed in their respective passions, and this could not be possible without our fantastic teachers. The excitement they have for their subjects is contagious in our small class sizes that emphasize challenging, hands-on learning, and complex discussions. Not to mention, they’re always available to discuss the drama of the latest Mad Men episode or rave extensively about a certain band!

If I had to pinpoint my favorite thing about Woodlawn (this is more difficult than one would think), it would be the ability to do anything I’m interested in. From playing three varsity sports to teaching a middle school music elective to co-directing an award-winning medical PSA, I’ve dabbled and experimented in a wide array of topics.

Simply stated, Woodlawn is an integral part of my identity. Well-rounded, with lifetime friendships, I know I have the tools to face whatever college has in store for me.

Clare is a recent graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and is employed at LinkedIn in San Francisco, CA.


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